Machine Catalog

20 John Deere 100 Series (E Series)
  • 2 yr / 120 hr warranty
  • 17.5-25 HP
  • 42"- 54" deck
  • 2-wheel drive
  • Easy-access cutting height adjustment lever

Built in Greeneville, Tennessee, this comfortable, affordable lawn tractor lineup features the new John Deere Easy Change 30-Second Oil Change System (not available on the E100, E110 and E140). The ergonomic operator station design with two side-by-side forward/reverse pedals are easy to fall for too.

21 John Deere 200 Series (S240)
  • 3 yr / 200 hr warranty
  • 18.5 HP
  • 42"- 48" deck
  • 2-wheel drive
  • Easy-access cutting height adjustment lever

The John Deere S240 Lawn Tractor is as easy-to-use as ever and now available with a 48-in. (122 cm) Accel Deep Mower Deck to mow better, faster and the optional MulchControl Kit to tell your grass clippings where to go and feed your lawn.

22 John Deere X300 Series
  • 4 yr / 300 hr warranty
  • 18.5-22 HP
  • 42"- 54" deck
  • Low-effort 2-wheel - low-effort 4-wheel steering
  • Easy-access cutting height adjustment dial

Get around all kinds of things in your yard with X300 Select Series Lawn Tractors. Select Models are equipped with four-wheel steering to help you get around anything, power steering to make it even easier and the responsive Twin Touch foot pedals for pinpoint control forward and reverse.

23 John Deere X500 Series
  • 4 yr / 500 hr warranty
  • 24-25.5 HP
  • 48"-54" deck
  • Low-effort 2-wheel - power 4-wheel steering
  • 15" open back - 21" high back seat

The next step up from the X300 Series lawn tractor in terms of size, power and performance is the smooth-running X500 lawn tractor for a powerful cut on all kinds of terrain.

24 John Deere X700 Series
  • 4 yr / 700 hr warranty
  • 22-25.5 HP
  • 48"-60" deck
  • Power 2-wheel - Power 4-wheel steering
  • 2-wheel - full-time 4-wheel drive

Our signature in green, yellow and steel. Models available with four-wheel steering, full-time four-wheel drive, EFI and diesel engines for the ultimate in power and performance.

25 John Deere ZTrak Z300 Series
  • 2 yr / 120 hr warranty
  • 20-25 HP
  • 42"- 54" deck
  • Optional Armrests
  • 15"-18" Seat

Make time with John Deere Residential ZTrak zero-turn mowers. Featuring Edge, Accel Deep and High-capacity mower decks. Mow better, faster now.

26 John Deere ZTrak Z500 Series
  • 4 yr / 300 hr warranty
  • 24-25 HP
  • 48"-60" deck
  • Standard Armrests
  • 15"-21" Seat

Make time with John Deere Residential ZTrak zero-turn mowers. Featuring Edge, Accel Deep and High-capacity mower decks. Mow better, faster now.

27 John Deere 1 Family Compact Utility Tractors
  • 2 yr / 2000 hr warranty
  • 6 yr / 2000 hr Powertrain warranty
  • 22.4-23.9 HP
  • 15.3-18 PTO HP
  • 4-wheel drive

The Value-Spec 23 horsepower 1023E meets all of the basic needs around your property. Or choose the 1R for a premium, comfortable workhorse for your small acreage.

28 John Deere 2 Family Compact Utility Tractors
  • 2 yr / 2000 hr warranty
  • 6 yr / 2000 hr Powertrain warranty
  • 24.2-36.7 HP
  • 18-30.4 PTO HP
  • 4-wheel drive

Ranging from 25 to 38 horsepower, these premium, comfortable compact tractors feature a drive-over mower deck, foldable ROPs and standard four-wheel drive.

29 John Deere 3 Family Compact Utility Tractors
  • 2 yr / 2000 hr warranty
  • 6 yr / 2000 hr Powertrain warranty
  • 24.7-45.3 HP
  • 19.4-36.6 PTO HP
  • 4-wheel drive

The 25, 32 and 38 horsepower Value-Spec 3E tractors are ready to tackle chores. The 3R Series is where premium meets capability.

30 John Deere Gators
  • 1 yr / 1000 hr warranty
  • 2-4 seats
  • Light - heavy duty use options
  • Dozens of attachments
  • 5 different series for various uses

Enter a two-person cockpit, slide three across, or carry a four-person team. This is where youíll find the full-size XUV operator station thatís right for you.

31 Stihl Chainsaws
  • Battery Saws
  • Homeowner Saws
  • Farm & Ranch Saws
  • Professional Saws
  • Rescue Saws

STIHL chainsaws are German-engineered and built in America. We also go a step further and custom manufacture our own guide bars and saw chains for all our machines in-house. This ensures our chainsaws meet our exacting standards in design and performance. Standards that have made STIHL the clear choice for professionals and homeowners alike.

32 Stihl Blowers
  • Battery Blowers
  • Homeowner Blowers
  • Professional Blowers
  • Shreddar Vacs
  • Accessories

From homeowners to professional landscapers, STIHL is the name to trust for hardworking equipment that lasts, season after season. Each model is designed for efficiency, ease of use and exceptional power. Whether you maintain a small urban lot or acres of land, there's a STIHL handheld or backpack blower ready to exceed your expectations.

33 Stihl Trimmers
  • Battery Trimmers
  • Homeowner Trimmers
  • Professional Trimmers
  • Brushcutters & Clearing Saws
  • Gearbox Attachments

STIHL trimmers and brushcutters are made for those who truly appreciate a well-groomed landscape. If you're like us, there's nothing more satisfying than the sound of a whirring trimmer line and the smell of freshly cut grass. There's also nothing more frustrating than unreliable equipment preventing you from taming the weeds that creep onto your picturesque patch of land. When such adversity occurs, glove up and reach for a STIHL trimmer or brushcutter.

40 Honda Generators
  • Range from 1,000W to 10,000W
  • Portable power to home backup
  • Super Quiet
  • Light weight and portable
  • Fuel efficient

Honda portable generators provide quiet power for camping, RVing, tailgating, races, parties, and more. Honda home generators offer convenient, reliable back up power for outages. Honda portable generators are the number one choice in the construction and rental industry.

41 Honda Lawn Mowers
  • HRS, HRR and HRX for residental use
  • HRC for commercial use
  • Up to 5 yr warranty
  • MicroCut TwinBlade available
  • Electric start available

Looking for the ultimate lawn mower? You've found it. Great features and great performance meet great value. Tough, powerful mowers for commercial cutters.

42 Honda Snowblowers
  • Single-Stage and Two-Stage blowers
  • Tracked and wheeled options
  • 20"-36" clearing width
  • Infinitely variable speed, hydrostatic drive
  • Electric start available

Honda has packed a lot of snow-blowing power into its compact single-stage snow blowers. Honda's two-stage snow blowers are designed to throw more snow faster and farther.

50 Bobcat Skid Steer Loaders
  • 2-speed travel
  • 23.5-100 HP
  • All-wheel steering
  • 700lb - 3950lb Rated Operating Capacity
  • High flow option on S550+

Bobcat Company invented the world's first skid-steer loader. Bobcat has celebrated a 50-year history of quality, performance and reliability. It's no wonder they're the world's best selling skid-steer loader. When paired with a genuine Bobcat attachment, each skid-steer model is a force to be reckoned with on your jobsite. And with more than a dozen models to choose from, you'll find the right machine for any size job.

51 Bobcat Track Loaders
  • 2-speed travel
  • 61-100 HP
  • Tracks distribute weight on delicate surfaces
  • 1400lb - 3650lb Rated Operating Capacity
  • High flow option on T550+

Bobcat compact track loaders have built a reputation as the industry's most powerful, comfortable, and versatile compact track loaders. When it comes to pushing force, flotation and ground disturbance, other brands can't measure up. Even in soft, sandy, wet or muddy conditions, you'll be able to push through and get the job done. A commanding lineup of models offers machine sizes for any task.

52 Bobcat Mini Excavators
  • 6'-15.4' max dig depth
  • 10.2-65.9 HP
  • Machine shutdown protection on most models
  • 2593lb - 8977lb operating weight
  • -

If you need proven performance, more comfort options and better design to maximize your uptime, the revolutionary lineup of R-Series excavators demand a look. While it's their bold exterior styling that stands out, the real difference is the enhanced performance, productivity and comfort that exists underneath.